Aquashore Marine Ltd are official agents of Aquametro Oil & Marine and supply their applications all over the world.

Aquametro Oil & Marine AG are a leading company in the field of oil consumption measurement and performance monitoring in the marine business. In addition to oil meters, they are experts in viscosity measurement and control, shaft power measurement, monitoring and management systems for fuel performance and switch-over units for fuels (HFO to MDO and vice versa). Their monitoring and management systems are modular and can be expanded to generate and store reports, with on-board analysis capability or on-shore email

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Our experienced technical personnel have in-depth knowledge of both the marine and industrial markets and our long association with various manufacturers results in exclusive discount structures with many European and international companies, which are passed on to the end user.

Apart from sepecialising in spares of European and Japanese origin and manufacture, we have a worldwide network of associate companies in continental Europe, the Far East and the USA, offering competitive prices for many types of equipment and spares for the major marine and industrial markets though out the world. Our associate companies are located among others in Japan, Singapore, China, Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Greece.


We believe there is more to building a great company than strong performance. It takes an unwavering commitment to core values and the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Building trust with our customers is vital for our future. The success of our company is due to our outstanding reputation, proven expertise and untiring commitment to service.


We fully understand the demands & requirements of the industry and offer a quality solution to all your requirements. Aquashore provide its customers with goods and services of the highest quality and reliability by procuring it from the right source.

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