Flow and viscosity measurement in marine booster units

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Marine Gas Oil (MGO) supply units or also called booster units meet critical fuel circulation needs. They ensure that a fuel’s condition continuously satisfies engine-specific requirements, taking care of fuel filtering, heating and cooling.

DFM 20 S to measure fuel consumption on CAT diesel engines on Belorusneft fracking equipment

2 highly accurate fuelmeter type DFM 20S are selected to measure the diesel flowrate of about 1000l/h. The pulse signal are connected to a monitoring system of company PromAvtoKip of Belarus. The DFM 20 S fuel meter have no display and are fully covered to withstand the harsh environmental conditions on the fracturing site.

VZ 08

The meter is installed in a residential diesel fired boiler and was produced in the year 1972. Until now the meter is doing his job to the highest customer satisfaction and this proves the reliability and long term stability of these Contoil fuelmeters. You will have the same good experience with your Aquametro Oil&Marine flow […]

Continuous bitumen production with VZF 50 flowmeters at 180°C

Bitumen is a natural product which can be produced, processed, and used without any environmental disadvantages. Bitumina are thermoviscous (moldable with the influence of heat) mixtures of materials from various organic substancesthat are generally used as binding agents. Bitumen becomes a thin fluid at high temperatures and can then be mixed with other substances. Indispensable […]


DFM 8 D – Differential fuel metering at an air compressor in India Mining gear and equipment need a lot of compressed air to operate. Diesel driven air compressors are used in remote areas, where no sufficient power supply is present. Aquametro Oil & Marine was contacted by the indian customer for a reliable differential […]

#CONTOIL fuel meter

In the last 10 years, Aquametro Oil & Marine has turned from a flowmeter producer to a marine solution provider. Besides fuel monitoring solutions and oil meters, we are experts for viscosity measurement and control, shaft power measurement, monitoring and management systems for fuel performance and change-over units for fuel (HFO to MDO and vice […]

Differential fuel measurement at municipal garbage trucks with DFM 20S

With rising #fuel costs, more and more municipalities are now taking action and equip their fleet with fleet monitoring and fuel consumption systems, as this is the easiest way to reduce overall cost of the fleet significantly. For the differential fuel measurement on large garbage trucks, fuel meter type DFM 20S have been chosen which […]


Fuel consumption measurement on a Wärtsilä 20DF marine aux engine Precise differential fuel measurement on marine main and aux engines can only be done with highly accurate calibrated and paired fuel and HFO flowmeter. Here a paired set of #CONTOIL VZF II 40 FL has been used to measure the fuel consumption on a #Wärtsilä 20DF aux […]

#VZO #Contoil #oilmeter #fuelmeter 

All our oilmeter are calibrated before delivery! Have you ever asked yourself, why the oilmeters you have bought brand new from Aquametro Oil & Marine, have already some liters on the display? The answer is easy. All our oilmeters are calibrated with test oil before they are sent out to you. Typically, 4 different test […]

Heavy equipment needs heavy duty fuel meter

The #Caterpillar CAT 320D is a reliable, highly productive excavator, which can be found worldwide on all construction and mining sites. To measure the fuel consumption the most reliable and precise way, a DFM 8D was chosen. Tested on all rough conditions which will occur on an excavator, like heavy vibration, mechanical wear, dusty environment […]